Friday, February 8, 2019

Valentine's Day

Can you believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day? I have a theory about why the year gets away from us so quickly. Commercialized holidays. Before one holiday is over, ads for the next one come out. This makes it seem like it’s going faster. In early February, though, we get a whole bunch of things to celebrate at once. Imbolc, Groundhog Day, Lupercalia, the Roman Fertility celebration, and Valentine’s Day all fall within two weeks.

When you get down to the history of the holidays, it can get confusing. The legends behind both Imbolc and Lupercalia vary. Both are holidays to welcome spring and enhance love and fertility. However, while Imbolc is celebrated with flowers and cleansing and celebrates Brigid, a Goddess of Fire, healing, and fertility, Lupercalia, a Roman fertility celebration, that celebrated the Roman god Faunus, was a much more violent celebration involving animal sacrifice and slapping people with blood dipped animal hides to ensure fertility.  Read more

Monday, January 21, 2019

Super Blood Wolf Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Tonight we have quite a special event in the sky, and I hope everyone gets a chance to see The Super Blood Wolf Moon. (I'm sorry I'm running late with this, but the energy of the full moon is still very much available!)

The Blood moon part, although long prophesied biblical precursor for the end of times, naturally has a much less sinister genesis, the blood moon is called that because of the red ring that results when the earth is directly between the Sun and the Moon, and the earth casts a shadow on the moon. The Wolf moon was originally called that after tales of wolves howling outside villages in the winter when food is scarce and they’re hungry and hunting, and the Super part is because the moon is closer to the earth than normal, so it appears larger.  See more

Sunday, December 30, 2018

New Beginnings

We all know that Winter Solstice is a time for new beginnings, the return of the light. The days grow longer, and we look to the coming of spring. All things seem possible in the new year to come. Yule is a time of celebration and feasting. Just as the Yule celebration was adapted into Christmas, so have most of us adapted to celebrating both Yule and Christmas, as well as the New Year, all of which herald the changing of the year and the coming of the new.

So, in the spirit of new beginnings, I thought we’d look at New Year’s Resolutions and some alternatives to them. Read More

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Giving your "All"

I thought for sure I would be writing about death this week since I just lost another close friend, and in a way, I am, but I want to focus on the empaths and on why and how important it is to save enough energy for yourself. I know it’s easy to get so caught up in caring for others and seeing to their needs that you forget to replenish yourself, and you let your root chakra get out of balance. Sometimes this happens when you’re in a situation where your normal path to replenishment is blocked, or you just don't feel you have time.  I do understand all of that, but I’ve also seen what can happen when you give all your energy to other people. 

Read More

Sunday, September 9, 2018

a-spell-to-draw-holiday-money |

No matter how you celebrate Samhain and Yule, when you throw in Thanksgiving, fall is generally fairly expensive. We have a new moon coming up on the 9th, so casting a money spell at this time can give you a good start for a prosperous fall. The waxing moon is always good for creating things that grow, and that includes wealth and prosperity. This spell can help you boost your prosperity in the coming year as well if you use it at the beginning of the year. When I do it this time of year, I usually keep it fairly simple, and holiday focused.

a-spell-to-draw-holiday-money |

Monday, September 3, 2018


Well, after 5 years, my roommate and I have decided to get married!!!!  I’m excited. He’s a wonderful man, and I don’t know what I’d do without him.  My best friend since junior high school is not only standing up with me, she’s also making my dress. I am truly blessed.

Naturally, this has led me to do some refresher reading about the history of handfasting and the meanings behind it. Handfasting dates to the ancient Celts and involves the wrapping of the intended’s hands with a cord and tying a knot. Sounds simple enough, and overall, it is, but you can choose to use all four hands, right hands, left hands, or one of each, depending on what it means to you.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Chakras: Why we balance them.

We receive our personal energy from several sources. Our major energy centers connect to major organs that govern other body parts. Each of these main energy centers forms what we call a chakra.

Chakra means wheel or disk in Sanskrit, and you might find it easier to think of the chakras as a disk-shaped spinning vortex within a column of energy that runs along the spine in the center of our spiritual being to balance us.

While our bodies contain several minor chakras that assist in the operation of our bodies and minds; the seven main chakras form the energy centers in our body and help provide energy to the others. These “spinning wheels” can draw-in information through colors, stones, candles or even the auras of others. Through our chakras, we perceive the health of our environment, including the people in our lives.

This begins early and continues throughout our lives. See more: