Tuesday, February 24, 2015


 As I mentioned in my Facebook post, I’ve been thinking about spirituality.  One of the things I always find fascinating is the difference between spirituality and religion.  Whether you see God in nature, or you follow Wicca, or Buddhism, or Druidism, or another Pagan practice, what matters is that we connect with our Deity, or Deities, no matter how we do it.  For most religions on the other hand, it seems just the opposite.  To find our peace and ourselves, we must find our connection to the God and Goddess, the Universal, or whatever you consider your higher power.  We all need to find and nurture that connection.

It’s interesting to me that the most “spiritual” people I know or have ever known were usually not traditionally religious.  They followed one of the pagan practices.  There have, of course, been one or two exceptions, but in general, it seems to me that spirituality and religion are not as synonymous as Webster’s would have us believe.

According to Webster’s, Spirituality is “the quality or state of being concerned with religion or religious matters.”  To me, spirituality is about connecting with our own idea of the deity or deities and living our lives to reflect that connection.  I don’t see that in religions, and I can’t even say that I don’t see that in today’s religion because the same intolerance has been present in organized religions throughout history.

So how can we connect with our Deity?  We’ve talked about carving out a place for ourselves, and taking time for ourselves, and this is part of that.  Life is busy, and it’s hard to find time to connect with our Deity, and with ourselves.  Only by connecting deeply with ourselves can we truly connect to our God or Gods. 

Most of us have rituals of some kind that we use to connect.  Unlike most organized religions, however, our rituals are not necessarily formal, and they’re certainly not what any organized religion would consider formal, but they work because they enable us to find our power within, and the power to connect to the Universal, or the Deity. 

Some of our rituals are more formalized; some use tools, while others don’t.  The type of ritual you use can be the one that works for you.  Most major rituals are structured around the seasons, and the moon, of course, but even within those parameters, there is a wide degree of variation.  One of my favorite rituals involves a fire pit and moonlight, and little else but the moon and the night sky, and the feel of nature around me.  I do use a circle, call the quarters and ground and center myself to get into the proper frame of mind to connect touch my inner self and the God and Goddess of the Universal consciousness.

I know it sometimes seems impossible, especially if you are surrounded by people who don’t believe as you do; however, you can find easy ways to set up an effective and personal space to connect with your own spirituality.  Plants can mark a personal circle, and call no attention to themselves and their purpose.  In addition, they can bring the nicer sights and smells of nature closer in a natural and harmonious manner.

You will also find that different rituals work for you at different times.  I sometimes use Tarot Cards or Runes, to connect with myself and to get a better idea where I am.  Sometimes, simple meditation will work, and sometimes I need more.  Consecrated Jewelry can help as well.  Whatever lets you feel your connection to your inner being and to your Deity.

The most important thing is to follow your own path and not let others tell you how you should live, or connect.  It’s all about connecting to your Deity, and doing it in such a way that leaves you feeling inspired, ready to make a difference and help maintain the balance