Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Samhain Safety: Emotional Preparation

Emotional preparation for your ritual is as important as physical or psychical preparation, and is critical to your safety and well-being.  If you are angry, tired, afraid, or depressed, you need to work through these issues, or get some rest before you begin your ritual.  If you are not in control of your emotions, you cannot hope to deal effectively with the energies that surround us.  Not all the energies in the universe are positive.  Some are very negative, and can hurt you.  You do not want to allow them in.

Sometimes when we start something new, we get excited and want to jump right in.  This is wonderful, if the first thing you do is learn how to prepare yourself to perform magic and rituals.  Your emotional state of mind can affect not only what energies you attract, but also the outcome of your ritual or spell.  Not taking the time to prepare yourself emotionally is dangerous to you and to everyone around you.  

Never drink or use strong drugs when you are new to ritual work.  You will normally be entering a trance state, or at the very least, a state of heightened awareness, and anything that weakens your control can be harmful.  Some experienced practitioners will use drugs during ritual, but please remember that experienced is the key word here.  They have studied for many years and are familiar with the energies they are dealing with.  They also know how their state of mind will affect their work.  Beginners are taking a great risk if they are not in control of as many factors as possible before they start.  Control is critical to your work and your safety.  Don’t take chances.

Some of the things you will do to prepare yourself emotionally are the same things you will do to prepare yourself psychically, but if your emotional state is not right to begin with, you may need to perform the preparation rituals more than once to achieve the correct state of mind.  Cleanse your mind of any negativity that could put you at risk, or put off the ritual until you can.  Your emotions form a large portion of your defenses.  It is important that you are confident and secure in yourself before you enter a ritual state of mind.

Below are some of the ways you can clear your mind and emotions to prepare for ritual.  They can be used individually, or in conjunction with each other:
  • Draw a cleansing bath
  • Put on peaceful music
  • Repeat healing affirmations.
  • Meditate.
  • Rest your body and your mind
As always, meditation is one of the fundamentals of your preparation.  Resting the mind allows it to rejuvenate and rebuild itself.  When you meditate, don’t expect to automatically achieve a perfect state of peace.  You will be disappointed if you do.  Meditation is about establishing a connection with your thoughts, listening to what you are telling yourself, and changing that voice and those thoughts if you need to.  Meditation gives you an opportunity to examine your thoughts from a more objective viewpoint.  This allows you to direct your thoughts in more positive directions and heal your emotional state.