Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Independence and the Witches Creed – “And it harm none”

The witches reed is “And it harm none, do as thou will,” so your independent personal path is just as valid as another so long as you bring harm to none.  Sometimes it’s hard to determine what will bring harm to none, and that is one of the most difficult things for positive practitioners to work out.  How do you know if it will harm none?  This is where meditation comes in.  Ask yourself what your motivation is for doing what you plan.  Who does it benefit, and who can it possibly harm.  

It’s extremely hard to see all the possible ramifications of our actions when we plot a course, so while I’m meditating about what is “my will,” I also ask the Lord and Lady to let me consider how what I do will affect others.  You’ve probably heard the old saw, “For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction.”  This is especially true of craft, but in craft, what you send out comes back to you threefold, so if you focus on your positive thoughts and feelings, kindness, compassion, gentleness, love, honor, of self and others, your course of action will become clear. If you weave a spell that is not in the best interest of all involved, it will not only unravel, it will come back to you with triple the negativity you sent out.  

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