Tuesday, February 24, 2015

“And it Harm None”

I’m sure we’ll revisit this topic often, simply because it is so crucial to spirituality and karma.  I was witness to a horrible scene recently wherein a rescue became overloaded with animals.  They couldn’t feed or care for them, and the animals were the ones that paid the price.  They had the best of intentions, but not the means to follow through.  This type of situation is heartbreaking for everyone involved.  These animals were rescued.  Not all are. 
Animals are our inner spirits, and often our guides.  We all want the purity of spirit of animals, the unconditional love, and even the simplicity of thought and feeling sometimes, so I have to ask myself, how can we cause them suffering, even from the best intentions.   
There are many organizations that would gladly help in a situation like that if they were only asked, or allowed.  

Sometimes we get so caught up in what we think is right that we almost forget about the animals, and people, we set out to help in the first place.  This is why we must always monitor our goals and intentions, and make sure we are still working for the good of all concerned.  

We can take a lesson about balance from the wolf spirit who connects with all to connect with a few.  We don’t want to cut ourselves off from helping others, but we don’t want to spread ourselves to thin when we reach out to help either.

Assess where you are in life.  Are you shutting yourself off from the world and from those who need help, or are you trying to do too much.  When we try to do too much, or help too many, the help often ends up being at the expense of those we’re trying to help.  We must nourish our spirits before we can help others, and when we make sure our spirits are balanced, we can reach out and help other people and animals without risking putting them in a worse situation.