Tuesday, February 24, 2015

2013 Your own space

Well, Aeslin set up a blog for me, so now I have to fill it.  LOL!  With the recent solstice, and since I’m working on our crystals and stones page, I’ve been thinking a lot about balance lately and how hard it is to maintain the balance we need to be creative and feel fulfilled when the world seems to throw some new chaotic event or even person at us on a regular basis.  How do we work through the chaos to find the balance we need?  

I’m also in the process of reclaiming my space, so that is also influencing my urge to seek balance.  I have had roommates for the last few years, and while I loved having them here, I had forgotten how much I loved living on my own and having my space the way I want it.  Sometimes it’s hard to carve out that space, a place where we can just get away from the world, and if you have a family or roommates, it is even more difficult.  However, any place can be that space; even a small space can give you a chance to catch your breath and regain a bit of balance.  When I had roommates, that place was my bedroom, and if you share the bedroom, that can be a place for the two of you to share your peace.  

If that doesn’t work, any small space will do, and you can create that space with the use of color, crystals, and stones of other types that help you harmonize yourself and your chakras with the universe and more particularly with the earth.  Hematite is one of my favorite stones for achieving balance.  It’s a crystalline iron ore, and is one of the most effective grounding stones available.  Its magnetic properties help balance the chakras to help find the balance you seek.  

Even if you can’t carve out that “special” place amid the chaos that is around us, hematite can be one way to help stay grounded.  It’s a brittle stone, so necklaces and earrings are generally better than rings.  It’s been my experience that the rings break far too easily, and then must be replaced.  If a ring is the only thing you can find, you might try wearing it on a long chain rather than on your finger.