Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spiritual Housecleaning

We’ve been adding a lot of Nordic jewelry, so I’ve been meditating on the meaning of some of them.  The Trefot, which is a symbol used to represent the God Woden, or Odin, depending on your translation of the Norse, strikes a strong cord with me because it signifies the three realms of being through which all power flows.  Opportunities are created through our connection with bodies, our psyches, and our connection with the universe around us.  How we make and take care of those connections will determine how many opportunities come our way, and how we can respond to them.  

Almost every form of spirituality has some sort of threefold connection between the world and the world of spirit, and there are many ways to honor this connection so we can create the opportunities we want in our lives.  This threefold energy is also considered three spirals of continual motion, and that’s where we create the energy.  If we align our chakras, and balance our internal energy, whether it’s through meditation, candle magic, reiki healing, or simply through ritual worship or spell craft, we create the world we believe in.  

When we connect with what many call the Transcendental, or spiritual level of being, our lives begin to open up in ways we never thought they could.  We see things differently, and we feel things differently.  We hear a lot in business about being pro-active, and that’s what we want to be, but this is on an entirely different level.  

We can be pro-active with our own lives rather than just reactive.  When we’re not just reacting to what other people do, we realize that how we feel about what we’re doing is far more important than how others feel about it.  

Our connection with the universe and our ability to be at peace with the universe and ourselves gives us every opportunity to create what we choose in our lives.  When we are at peace with ourselves we can take the time to look for our calling rather than just working.  We can assess our lives and bring those things and people into it that we need, and eliminate those things, and people that we don’t need, thereby making our lives more positive and peaceful.