Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Independence 2014

The 4th of July is this week, so independence is much in mind for many of us.  I’ve been a solitary practitioner for many years now, and while I enjoy my practice, and it works for me, I will admit that it’s not for everyone.  This is where the struggle for independence comes in.  We all like to be part of a community, and that makes us subject to subtle forms of peer pressure.  Even when people have no intention to pressure us into following their belief system, sometimes it happens in spite of all we can do.

By the same token, it’s easy to let other people influence us and what we believe, so while we always want to take the best we can from other philosophies and beliefs, we have to remember to hold tight to who we are inside.  We each have special gifts that we can share with others, and just because you’re new to the path or feel insecure for whatever reason, we can’t let ourselves lose track of our own gifts.  

Your special gifts could be anything from innate kindness, to spell craft, to art of some type, and regardless of the path you follow, it is imperative that you not let someone else dictate how you use those gifts.  No one path is more right than another so long as you remain positive in your focus.  This makes it possible to be independent, and part of a whole.
Sometimes having one single piece of jewelry that represents to you who you are and what you stand for can make all the difference in helping you maintain your sense of self while you are part of a whole.  Look for that special stone or amulet that speaks to you and can become a representation of who you want to be.